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The Latest Review From KidsVT, titled "Captain Hooks"!

Smooth Sailin' with Rockin' Ron the Friendly Pirate 


Seeking some nautical tunes to take you into the warmer months? Look no further than local musician Ron Carter, better known as Rockin' Ron the Friendly Pirate. The swashbuckling singer, who describes his style as "'Sesame Street' meets Monty Python," recently released his third album,The Flying Pirate Circus. Some of its 28 songs are pure fun: "Bad Bad Blackbeard" is set to the tune of "Baa, Baa, Black Sheep," while the jazzy "Shark in the Dark" warns about a sneaky predator with a "toothy grin." Others are educational, like "Black Snake Tale," the true story of pirates on Lake Champlain, and the doo-woppy "Bow to the Bow," which demonstrates the directions on a ship, just in time for the sailing season.

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"The Flying Circus"

Seven Days review of Black Snake Tale song (from The Flying Pirate Circus album):


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DVD Release Writeup on Mom's Favorite Stuff blog

Mary Heston wrote about not needing to have young kids to enjoy me music.

Merlot Mommy's 4 wee ones enjoyed me pirate tunes.

 "If you thought that Rockin' Ron, the Friendly Pirate is just for kids, you thought wrong! Last night I watched him entertain a group of senior citizens and they had a blast. He had them singing and laughing and even engaged in physical activity. Great job, Ron!"
-Susan Lassiter (after a performance at Town Meadows Senior Housing).

In response to Susan's words: "He works magic on teenagers too!"
-Kate Harper
"Feedback about your performance has been great from kids and adults! One of Everett's 8 year old cousins said, 'That was the funnest birthday party I have ever been to' I don't think funnest is a word but, you get the idea... My 63 year old brother called to tell me what a nice party it was and how the kids laughed and smiled through your whole show. I am a pleased mama knowing I made my kid's 8th birthday extra special, in large part due to you Ron, the VERY friendly Pirate!"
"Rare is the CD that kids love, yet doesn't drive Mom crazy after the first week of incessant play! I love that The Friendly Pirate's songs engage the children's imaginations with tracks that teach complex pirate codes and tell the stories of real (and sometimes noble!) pirates. Lullabies, dance tracks, rock and roll.....these CDs offer up something to make everyone happy and I truly hope RRtFP keeps the music coming!"
-Liza Bowersox


"Rockin’ Ron the Friendly Pirate put a smile on everyone’s face and raised the roof with his exuberance and energy! We loved having him at our store [for Talk Like a Pirate Day]!”
   - Elizabeth Sanford, Barnes & Noble Community Relations Manager


"I have to say that that was probably the best and most attended event I have had for the Kids' Club. Thanks again for coming. You certainly have a huge following and I hope we can do the same for next year!"

  - Sandy Cunningham, Gardners Supply Williston Kids Club Coordinator


"Ron entertained a full house of over 330 students and staff members, involving us in the music and making us laugh. What a fun and engaging performance, that the kids still talk about today!”
Principal Catrina DiNapoli, Bristol Elementary School


"I turned up my speakers and let it play while I finished some most unpleasant paperwork and it brought a HUGE smile to my face.  With songs like Cranky Pirate, Pira-TUDE!, Twinkle Twinkle Little StaRRR, and Buccaneer Bounce, how could you not giggle a little bit. I don't think you have had to live through 8 years of Barney the Purple Dinosaur and come out the other side with most of your sanity still intact to really enjoy Rockin' Ron (but it might help).  It might help if you love a good pun or if you sit around with your kids and tell silly jokes.  Regardless of your goofball level this is the perfect CD to add to your Talk Like a Pirate Day lineup. 
   -Mary Heston, Blogger


"Your show was pure fun and was well appreciated. Please know your generosity in time and talent gave the students an experience they’re still talking about. ”
   -Principal Ed Oravec, Morristown Elementary School


"With your clever lyrics and endless enthusiasm, it's no surprise how easily you win an audience. It was fun listening to you ---and exhausting watching you in action!"
   - Elizabeth Moison, author of Master of the Sweet Trade


Video of me performing for the crowd at the Lake Champlain Maritime Festival. The friendliness appears at :45. WCAX

Seven Days, Vermont's Arts & Entertainment weekly, gave me a maRRRvelous review.

Berklee Today, the magazine of me alma mater Berklee College of Music in Boston, featured me CD cover and release.

Mother of All Trips, "The singing pirate entertained us. If you are a regular reader of this blog, I'm sure you're not too surprised to hear that my youngest child couldn't get enough of Rockin' Ron, the Friendly Pirate..."


"It is such a great CD that I would like to get six for friends and family. It is quite catchy! Our two year old doesn't say much but he can say 'Fendee pirate'. The four and five year olds love it and dance to it all the time. It is amazing that after a month of listening to your CD at least twice a day, I as an adult still enjoy it!" -KELLY

"My kids love The Friendly Pirate, and I love the sensibility and joy of his lyrics! We first met The Friendly Pirate in Vermont at Smugglers' Notch. My kids connected immediately and we admired his brand and messaging -- most notably we value his 'Seven Cs' along with his engaging wit and support of good, clean fun! As one of my friends is a speech therapist, we suggested she incorporate The Friendly Pirate's songs into her therapy program. 'Rrrticulating'! Another friend plays 'Hungry Pirate' and 'Scurvy Dog and Scaredy Cat' at her kids-n-nutrition program. Recently, we asked The Friendly Pirate to perform at our son's birthday party. All the kids were highly engaged and the parents were blissfully content. All of the parents agreed: 'This was great fun, and The Friendly Pirate has so much more to offer also!' My husband and I sincerely affirm: if you have any needs in the range of Fun, Ethics, Speech, Movement, Naval History, Oceanography, or Master of Ceremonies- we highly recommend Rockin' Ron The Friendly Pirate! -Betty Fuchs NYC"

"From the moment my daughter received her Friendly Pirate CD, it has been all she wants to listen to. I enjoy rockin' out to it as well! I love how each song is a different style of music. Rockin' Ron has done an AMAZING job creating this awesome children's musical journey!"-MOLLY

"My daughter loves the Friendly Pirate CD!! It has become one of our favorites!!"-MARCELA

"We had to put a CD player in our car, because listening at home was not enough for our child." -ALISA

"The Friendly Pirate is amazing with kids of all ages. He keeps them singing and smiling! I had the Friendly Pirate at my daughter's 3rd birthday party. It was the best party she has ever had!! He got the kids into singing the songs as he strummed his guitar. Best Birthday EVER!!"-BRANDI

"My 3 year old son who has autism is in LOVE with your CD. He plays it all day long, dancing and singing along. He knows all the words!"-MARY

"Dear Friendly Pirate. I love the CD my favorite song on it is tresher of smuglers noch. I even went on youtube and saw you. I can't wait to see you agan. to fp from Capt Jack, Age 10"

"Dear Ron, Thank you for the CD. I really like it. I love all the songs. Your friend, Maddy, Age 10"

"Dear FP, Love the CD (esp. the rap)! Owens Family (Ages 10, 11, and two Adults)"

"Dear Rockin' Ron, Thank you 4 the CD. I <3 it. And we saw your video on the computer it was great. I am going to list my favorite songs: FP Dance, FP Rap, Cranky Pirate, Pira-tude, Friend Ship. Sincerly, Eve, Age 10"

"Dear Friendly Pirate, We were in for dinner last night with DREW and the rest of his family. Thanks for making the evening so special for all of us and for singing Drew a special birthday song. The children all enjoyed your talent and the adults all enjoyed the adult humor. We stopped in the gift shop and picked up CDs for Drew to have at his birthday party. Stella also enjoyed seeing your video on your web link. Thanks again, The Wood Family"